Falling Stars and Moon Fairy Garbage Bin Sticker

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You can easily turn your garbage bin to a special and unique item with this Falling Stars and Moon Fairy garbage bin sticker. This design was created by Krisztina Soos

Standard Bin Sticker Size: 23 Inch x 26 Inch (58.5cm x 66cm)
Large Recycle Bin Sticker Size: 15.5 Inch x 17.5 Inch (39.4cm x 44.5cm)
Small Recycle Bin Sticker Size: 12 Inch x 13.5 Inch (30.5cm x 34.3cm)
Material: High Tack Gloss Laminated Vinyl
Print Technology: 7 Color Solvent Printing
Water and Weather Proof
Brand: / XPrintSS
This product is Proudly made in Canada
UPC: 799471629215-874


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