Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Stickers

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Tire Rotation reminder stickers let your clients know when they should pay a visit to your garage to rotate the tires on their vehicle, extending their lifetime. Everyone who owns a car knows how important this service is.

The generic version is available in four languages and in two different materials. The stickers show the following text:

  • English [your next tire rotation is due – KMs/Miles]
  • French [Votre prochaine rotation des pneus est due á- KMs/Miles]
  • Spanish [Próxima Rotación De Llantas Es A Hacer Al – KMs/millas]
  • German [Ihre Nächste Reifendrehung bei – KM/Meilen]

Some garages prefer to have their logo, address, and phone number displayed on these reminder stickers. If you are one of these garages, don’t hesitate to try our Online Product Customizer. It is a built-in tool that enables you to create your own custom tire rotation stickers. Click here for custom stickers.

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